Limited Run Games Announce Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Collector Edition; Set to Pre-Order August 14th

Limited Run Games are great with announcing awesome special collector editions that gamers all around the community would want to own and it seems they have done it again with Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time.

Announced earlier this year, the game will bring back Samurai Jack with a new spin on his epic adventure. However, the reason you will want to be picking up this collector edition is due to the awesome goodies, and beautifully crafted Samurai Jack statue. The collector edition is set to go live later this week on August 14th at 6 PM ET; if you’re a fan of Samurai Jack and want to get your hands on this collector edition, I would make sure to be on time as I predict these collector editions will sell out!

Check out the official announcement from Limited Run Games down below:

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time was announced by IGN where the publication was able to confirm that the game would be developed by Adult Swim Games and Soleil Games. This is a hack-and-slash game with an art style that resembles its animated series counterpart. 

Series lead writer Darrick Bachman is behind the story. Overall, the game narrative will take place prior to the series finale as players will be taking the role of Jack as he attempts to make his way to his timeline for a grand battle. Learn more about Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time right here!

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time Limited Run Games Collector Edition is set to go live to pre-order on August 14 at 6 PM ET. Are you planning on snagging a copy? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Twitter