Spider-Man Will be in Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation Console Exclusive Character

Square Enix has announced that Spider-Man will indeed be in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers as a PlayStation console exclusive.

Announced on the PlayStation Blog, it has been revealed that everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man will be an in-game exclusive to PlayStation platforms. This comes as big news, as rumors around the web were claiming this very scenario, however, that is now all behind us as Square Enix confirms the rumors. With that being said, Spider-Man will not launch with the game but will come in 2021 at no additional cost. Now that’s how you do DLC! Well played Sony, Square Enix, and everyone else involved in making this decision.

Early last week, Square Enix has revealed that Hawkeye will act as the game’s first official DLC character. The news has been revealed with a slick new teaser trailer, one which summons the elusive sharpshooter, Hawk-Eye. It seems as though Square Enix has big plans for Marvel’s Avengers and the team here cannot wait to get our hands on this title, as it seems to be the most epic, super-hero title to date.

Marvel’s Avengers releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 4, 2020.

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