PlayStation 5 State of Play Event Set For August 6?

There is a lot of hype this year. The video game industry had tons planned out for the year such as Microsoft and Sony bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. However, because of this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that has caused quite the stir, there was some wondering just if Microsoft and Sony would even bring out their consoles. It looks like that this virus is not going to back the console launch for the companies as both plan to bring out their new platforms this holiday season. 

What has changed is the way the companies were likely going to market and unveil news regarding the console platform. With events being cancelled due to the virus, the alternatives have been online streams where we got news on both Sony and Microsoft’s platforms. This month in particular we are going to get some news regarding the Xbox Series X from Microsoft. That event is scheduled for tomorrow, July 23, where we know it will run for an hour. However, a new rumor has come out that suggests Sony will be holding a streaming event next month.

This could be a way to further hype up the PlayStation 5 after Microsoft’s event. Of course, nothing right now is official but a leaker that has proved credible has alerted the world that Sony will be holding an event on August 6 for the PlayStation 5. There’s likely an event planned out as there’s plenty of questions left unanswered for the console. For instance, we are wondering what new features will be present in the PlayStation 5 and even the UI.

Another aspect that is missing for both consoles is the price point along with their intended release date. It seems to be a waiting game to see which company will make the first move but with time running out, someone will need to make an announcement here soon. Sony may already be preparing for their announcement as it was recently discovered that the Sony website has an error message for those that try to pre-order more than one unit.

Source: Twitter