Fan Showcases Their Metal Gear Solid Remake Using Unreal Engine 4

There are some really notable Konami IPs that the company was known for. Unfortunately, Konami has become a somewhat shell. Years ago the studio produced some truly incredible video game titles into the market, although since then the studio has refrained from diving into video games all that much so naturally some fans are taking it upon themselves to deliver new content. So far, the work being put into this project has us eager to see its release.

While we’ve seen a good share of PT fan remake releases into the market, which is the playable teaser that was released in order to showcase a new take on Silent Hill, a new fan game is aimed towards Metal Gear Solid. One fan has been developing a Metal Gear Solid title which is being made through Unreal Engine 4 and already we have some video footage.

A build of the game was showcased on Bluedrake42 on YouTube who goes over some of the game. At the moment, the developer behind the game has remained anonymous so it doesn’t look like Konami can track down the person behind the project to kill it off. Furthermore, we’re uncertain just how much longer this game project has before its ready to release into the market for fans to download and enjoy.

Additionally, it also seems that this Metal Gear Solid remake on Unreal Engine 4 won’t feature the full game. That would be quite the undertaking for someone to pull off. With that said, it will feature boss fights and showcase what a remake could look like for Meta Gear Solid. In other news regarding Konami, the company has apparently scrapped the Fox Engine in favor of Unreal Engine 5. We imagine if the studio used the latest engine and put a team to really focus on the IP, we could see an even more enhanced remake hit the market officially. 

Source: YouTube