Konami Scrapping Their Fox Engine In Favor Of Unreal Engine 5

There are several engines used to develop video game titles. In fact, some development studios craft their own engine to offer something a bit more unique and advanced for their line of video game titles. In the past six years, Konami had a remarkable engine that most found to be truly incredible for video game development, called the Fox Engine. Now that once beloved engine has been scrapped in favor of the new Unreal Engine 5.

If you don’t recall, this engine was used for a few different Konami video game titles. First introduced through the PES 2014 release, most may remember the engine, not for the PES franchise, but for the latest Metal Gear Solid titles along with PT, the teaser used to showcase the upcoming Silent Hills title before it was cancelled. Unfortunately, eFootball PES 2020 is the last Konami title featuring the engine.

There’s a good chance the change is to continue developing games without much issue being presented with the Fox Engine now that the next-generation video game console platforms are releasing into the market. Still, there have been plenty of lacking big video game titles hitting the market from Konami. We’re also uncertain if the Unreal Engine 5 swap along with the upcoming next-generation platforms will change things around for Konami.

While there are plenty of PES games being released into the market every year, we’re still waiting to see what will come from Konami that taps into their other iconic IPs or new title launches. One of the most rumored IPs from the company deals with Silent Hill where many believe that a new title is in the works in partnership with Sony. If that is the case then there is the chance that some of the original Team Silent members will be able to tap back into the IP once again for a release on the PlayStation 5. Of course, that purely rumors at the moment as there are no official details on the matter quite yet.

Source: Gearnuke