Voice Actor Claims Splinter Cell Game Is Coming

There is a lot of love for Splinter Cell. The video game title released originally in 2002 and after several installments, the last we saw of an official Splinter Cell game came out in 2013. Despite the long absence of Sam Fisher, Ubisoft’s development studio teams have been doing a good job at poking the game up in a variety of areas. We’ve seen Easter Eggs to teases that a new game was inbound, but nothing has ever come from these teases.

In fact, the only appearance we’re going to see Sam Fisher take officially at the moment is his role in Ubisoft’s mobile title, Elite Squad. While it’s not an official Splinter Cell game, the Sam Fisher protagonist will be present for players to use in the game among other notable characters from Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy releases. For now, it looks like there may be more in store for Sam Fisher than what was originally unveiled.

A new interview with a voice actor that portrays Sam Fisher in the Italian dub has claimed to Multiplayer.it, that a new Splinter Cell game is coming. Apparently, it’s a title that he is involved with and is already nearing its completion. However, according to Luca Ward, the reason we haven’t seen this game yet is because of the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. This virus is what tossed several games back from its intended release date at Ubisoft.

While claiming that the new Splinter Cell title was set to release this year, the coronavirus may have pushed the game back to 2021. So far there haven’t been many details released to the public regarding the game is in development. However, with that said, there are the Ubisoft Forward events where we know another one is lined up to air sometime later this year. Perhaps we’ll get the reveal of a new Splinter Cell game during that particular event.

Source: Gamesradar