Another Ubisoft Forward Is Happening This Year

With the current state of the world right now, most events have been cancelled. The harsh health pandemic outbreak thanks to the coronavirus has left many of us to stay at home and quarantine from gathering with others. As a result, some of those big expos that many of us watch or attend personally were push back a year such as the annual E3 event. E3 had typically been one of the main expos for big video game news, but rather than companies holding off completely with their announcements, we’ve seen some stream alternatives. 

Several developers and publishers highlighted their upcoming content online with the latest being Ubisoft. Known as Ubisoft Forward, the team made a pre-recorded video to stream live. This was essentially their E3 press conference where we got new trailers, gameplay footage, and announcements on what’s coming out in the future or currently available for players to enjoy. While we’ve seen some pretty big announcements which ranged from Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Far Cry 6, not every IP was accounted for. 

Instead, we were missing out on several games that fans have been waiting to hear more information about. Notably absent was the likes of Beyond Good & Evil 2, Gods & Monsters, and Skull & Bones. However, it looks like Ubisoft is going to hold another event later this year. We don’t know when it will be but the studio made sure to alert viewers that they can expect another Ubisoft Forward sometime later this year.

Perhaps we’ll get more information on the video games teased this first round of the streaming event or some of the video games noted above. Likewise, there are other anticipated IPs that were teased prior that may also make for some great attention online. At any rate, we’ll have to keep a lookout for when Ubisoft schedules the next event.

Source: Ubisoft Forward