You Can Claim A Free Copy Of Watch Dogs 2 Right Now

While E3 2020 was cancelled thanks to the health pandemic outbreak that occurred across the world this year, it wasn’t going to stop several companies from holding an online stream event in its place. We’ve seen several events online that showcased content coming out in the next few months to years. However, one of the latest to hold their event was Ubisoft with their Ubisoft Forward stream. This was a stream that not only enticed players to tune in to see just what the studio had coming out but also a way for players to earn a free copy of Watch Dogs 2.

If you happened to tune in yesterday during the event, you would have noticed that everyone was experiencing problems logging into their Uplay accounts. This was the only requirement players needed to complete in order to claim their free video game copy. Once the stream started, the idea way for players to log in to Uplay where it would register a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 on the account. Several have alerted the Ubisoft team that they couldn’t log in and that’s when the studio confirmed that there were some server issues but for players to enjoy the show as they would still offer a free copy afterward.

For those of you who were hoping to score a free PC game but couldn’t pull it off during the stream, here’s how to claim the game today. All players need to do is visit the Ubisoft website and enter the Ubisoft Forward tab. From there you’ll find the Redeem Now section for Watch Dogs 2 where you’ll have to log into your Uplay account. That would give players a free copy of the game to enjoy shortly after.

This will also give players additional rewards that were promised for the event in various games. We’re not sure just how long this offer will stand so you don’t want to wait too long before you claim a free copy of the game. 

Source: Ubisoft