Minecraft For Gear VR Among Other Platforms Will Lose Support

Minecraft has been an iconic video game franchise for years now and while we’ve seen this game essentially get ported to just about everything available, we are going to see some platforms lose support. It’s not too unusual for games to lose support from a platform after years of being available, but for those that enjoy Minecraft in VR may find this to be a tough blow that they’ll have to endure in the coming months. 

It looks like Minecraft will be losing support on a few platforms including the Gear VR. Those that are receiving the ax is WP, Windows 10, Android devices that offer less than 768 MB or RAM, iOS devices running iOS 10 or below, and the Kindle Fire. There’s also going to be some issues for users that have a GPU that only supports DirectX 10.1 or below. This is going to be a tough pill to swallow for quite a few potential Minecraft players that were enjoying the game. However, this may give players some incentive to enjoy the game on another platform that will continue to see support.

Outside of not being able to receive the latest updates for the game, players will also lose support online multiplayer. It looks like those enjoying the game on the platforms listed will be able to continue enjoying the game, but they will not receive the latest updates or access to join online worlds. There are some upsides to those that have worlds created and wish to continue seeing updates within them. It looks like players can upload the world on Realm so that the player can enjoy a different supported platform.

At any rate, it looks like that this support will officially come to an end in October 2020. This will give players a few more months to enjoy these platforms online, while also looking into what platforms they may currently have that could be used to continue on with the fun. Are you going to make the jump to another platform?

Source: Virtual Reality Times