Super Mario Anniversary Twitter Account Discovered


Nintendo has had a long line of successful video game franchises over the years however most would say that its biggest IP would be Mario. The iconic character has been the face of Nintendo for decades and Nintendo may be celebrating its 35th anniversary in a big way. Of course, there’s no confirmation that we’ll see anything at all from Nintendo but in past reports prove to be true, there may be a whole lot of Mario showing up for the Nintendo Switch. Now a new discovery may also point to Nintendo holding something big for fans this year.

Fans recently discovered a Twitter account that has the handle @SuperMario35th and while the account is private, most are pointing to the account being used to celebrate Mario’s big anniversary. Before you instantly write this off as something being fan-created, there was some extra digging by the community that discovered the email registered to the account may be tied to domain. It’s obviously mostly redacted to keep security measures safe on Twitter but after fans found that this email registered domain seems to line up perfectly with some of the other official Nintendo domain registered Twitter accounts, it could also give some weight to the earlier reports of Nintendo’s big Mario plans this year.

If you don’t recall, earlier this year there were reports that Nintendo had plans to remaster several iconic Mario video game titles for the Nintendo Switch platform. Included in the mix were several 3D Mario video game titles such as Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, along with Super Mario Galaxy. That would be some pretty big news that we’re sure fans would be more than happy to pick up as these games have quite the massive following. 

At any rate, there is no confirmation that this Twitter account is in fact registered using a Nintendo domain or if the company is providing any type of remastering or remake for their previous 3D Mario video game installments. For now, all we can do is wait and see if Nintendo makes an official statement during a Nintendo Direct upload.

Source: Nintendo Life