Marvel’s Avengers Beta Dates Officially Unveiled

The Marvel’s Avengers video game was anticipated for quite some as Square Enix and the development team over at Crystal Dynamics have kept a tight lid on what players could expect. This is a new unique storyline where the Marvel Avengers take to follow a story that begins on A-Day, a moment in history that was meant to be celebratory. Earth’s mightiest heroes were unveiling their new headquarters in San Francisco but after a catastrophic incident leaves the city destroyed and Captain America, the government takes it into their own hands to outlaw superheroes. 

The Avengers have disbanded and years pass by but a new threat on Earth appears leaving the Avengers to join back together and start their quest to not only save humanity but find out the culprit that may have caused the original incident to occur. As mentioned, there are several characters in the game which you can take the role of but it’s worth noting that new characters and content are already planned for free alongside paid DLC for the game. Likewise, this game is available to be played offline as a single-player experience, but there is always the option to join in with four other players at certain points of the game. 

Of course, the game had been pushed back with the new intended release date set to be September 4, 2020. If you’re waiting to get this game then you may be interested in trying the title out early through a beta. Those that have pre-order the game across multiple platforms will find access to the game at various times which we will list down below.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Dates

  • PlayStation 4 Pre-order – August 7
  • Xbox One & PC Pre-order – August 14
  • PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC Open Beta – August 21

As mentioned earlier, those that want to pick up the game fully can expect its release for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms on September 4, 2020. Likewise, next-generation platforms will see the game also release sometime later this year.

Source: IGN