Sucker Punch Detail Ghost of Tushsima’s Soundtrack; Will Be Available to Stream July 17th

Rev. Dr. Bradley D Meyer Audio Director at Sucker Punch Productions took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about Ghost of Tsushima’s score.

The game is set in a very specific era, so the score was one of the most pivotal pieces of the game to make it feel authentic and it seems that Sucker Punch productions want to bring you the most realistic version of a Samurai title as they could. We already know the gameplay will be autheic to the Samurai way of fighting, but we now know that the score will follow suit.

The blog post is filled with interesting tidbits from head composers Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru “Ume” Umebayashi, in where they detail how they approached creating the score for Ghost of Tsushima.

Check out some thoughts from the Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru “Ume” Umebayashi down below:

From the first moment of the first meeting, I realised that Ghost was about a very powerful emotional journey. The team at Sucker Punch and PlayStation were inspiring and generous with their creativity so I immediately knew that I was going to love working on the game.

Jin’s theme, “The Way of the Ghost,” was one of the very first pieces I wrote. Usually productions are ready for music after everyone else has been working on the game. As much as you might understand the story, it always takes time to really get under the skin and appreciate the depth of well written characters and story. While some of my first sketches evolved, this theme really stuck. It’s all about how the people of Tsushima see him. He is their hero: strong, infallible, inspiring and full of hope, but what really fascinated me about Jin is the contrast of what is going on inside him. In order to save his home and the people he loves he must go against everything he was taught to believe in and break the code of the Samurai. Throughout the game, Jin is a character in deep emotional conflict and this, above all else, is what drew me to Ghost.

As I mentioned above, the blog post is filled with a ton of interesting ways the two came up with the score and soundtrack of the game. The soundtrack will be available to listen to on digital platforms on July 17th, and if you want some samples of the epic score and want to learn even more about the process of creating the music, make sure to check out the full blog post right here!

In related news, Ghost of Tsushima has beginning to amp up its promotion work as we are only a couple of weeks away from its official release. Media critics, influencers, and more have received their copes of the game and we should expect to see reviews go live for the game on July 14.

In addition, Sucker Punch has released a new trailer for the game, and much more in the past couple of weeks. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest Ghost of Tsushima’s news right here!

Ghost of Tshushima is set to release exclusively for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th. Let us know in he comments below!

source: PS Blog