My Friend Pedro to Receive its Own R-Rated TV Show From John Wick Creator

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Devolver Digital’s epic action shooter title — My Friend Pedro, will be receiving its own TV series.

Known for its crazy action, My Friend Pedro has captured a ton of gamers attention and is now being turned into an R-Rated TV show. And to make things even better, THR has reported that John Wick creator — Derek Kolstad, will write and will be executive producer.

There is no word on when it will arrive or onto what platform it is set for, but nonetheless it is pretty awesome to see the epic action shooter title get turned into a TV series. Stay tuned to gameranx as we will be following the show’s production closely.

In related news, Bethesda Game Studios have announced today as well, that one of their major properties will be getting turned into a TV series as well!

Yes, Fallout is becoming a TV series and it will indeed be an Amazon exclusive. The series is still a ways out, but it will be pretty cool to see Fallout turned into a TV series. Learn more about the epic Fallout TV announcement right here!

My Friend Pedro is currently available for all platforms. Are you excited for the R-Rated TV series adaptation? Did you enjoy the game? Let us know in the comments below!

source: THR