Crysis Remastered Developers Delaying Game After Leaked Reactions

The Crysis video game franchise is an iconic one and it was usually met with the amount of power a PC needed just to run this game. Now years after its release, it looks like we are going to get a chance to either relive or enjoy this game for the first time ever. If you were around the other day then you would have likely spotted the leaked footage that came out for Crysis Remastered early which meant that Crytek had an unexpected look at the reception fans had with the game.

Apparently, there wasn’t a clear cut warm reception over the remastered edition and while the footage came out earlier than intended, it was the same footage apparently that was set to be unveiled today. That has changed as the development studio, Crytek has decided to take on Twitter and alert fans that they won’t see the remastered announcement that was intended for today and it’s all due to the reception they witnessed from fans over this leaked footage.

According to Crytek, the game reception showcased that there is still plenty of areas that they would like to work in order to ensure that fans get the Crysis Remastered that would be expected from the studio. While the studio didn’t indicate just what areas, in particular, are being worked on, it does look like the progress to get the title up to par for player expectations will take a few more weeks. This will also play a role in pre-order availability. 

Because the Nintendo Switch has already started to take pre-orders, the page will continue to stay live and allow players to pre-order a copy of the game. However, other platforms will be delayed by allowing pre-orders. While we wait for the game to get its official reveal, it looks like fans that may have felt the game was lacking will want to stay tuned for the next reveal on the title later this month.

Source: Twitter