Square Enix Will Reveal E3 Games Individually In Coming Months

E3, much like all other events and expos, was cancelled this year. 2020 was hit in a big way with the health pandemic outbreak and with organizations still actively working on a means to provide a vaccine, big events were put on hold for the year. Still, life is slowly going back to normal despite the potential gloom of another outbreak coming this fall season. However, several of these cancelled events are holding special online stream alternatives, and it actually spread E3 out long after its intended dates.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that every company is holding a stream event. Instead, there are some who have decided to hold off on a dedicated stream to showcase the content they had planned for E3 along with those that are holding multiple streams over the coming months. Square Enix is one of the studios that decided against a dedicated E3 stream and it has left some wondering just when the company had planned to unveil the content which was originally set for E3 2020. 

It looks like we finally have the answer as Square Enix opened up on their E3 announcements during an investor call. Square Enix was asked how the E3 cancellation and the recent health pandemic impacted their reveal plans for future products. According to Square Enix, they had planned on an E3 conference this year, but after the cancellation, there weren’t enough assets done in time to provide viewers with a conference replacement. As a result, the studio is opting to reveal the planned video game projects over the next two months. 

We don’t know how many video game titles will be unveiled that wasn’t previously showcased, but starting in July through August, we can expect Square Enix to have a few announcements. Of course, we do know already that Marvel’s Avengers is a heavily talked about project from the company which is slated for a release this year along with a new title known as Project Athia, that was unveiled during the PlayStation 5 stream event

Source: Gematsu