The Medium Won’t Feature Weapon Combat

Team Bloober has made themselves known for delivering some incredible horror games. They are a small development studio but with their games, they continue to deliver some great work while attempting to push the bar higher in terms of quality and game scope. In fact, their next video game title release is said to be their biggest one yet. We’re of course referring to The Medium, a game that the developers are creating after being influenced by the Konami IP Silent Hill.

This game is a bit cryptic and we don’t have a ton of information about right now. With that said, we do know players take the role of a woman named Marianne who is able to go into the spirit realm. It’s set to be a survival horror game and while the visuals certainly look like a very atmospheric title, there should be a matching quality of audio alongside it. Working on this project is composer Akira Yamaoka, who is well known for his work on the Silent Hill franchise. 

In an issue of Edge, it was unveiled that The Medium won’t have any weapon combat. This seems to be a hide and run away type of game right now, but that of course could change when more information is showcased. At any rate, it looks like players will have two spiritual abilities which are a shield and a blast. The blast is apparently something that mainly used for environment puzzles rather than combat and these puzzles will intertwine between the real world along with the spirit realm. 

Currently, The Medium doesn’t have a release date quite yet, but it is slated to launch later this year for the PC and Xbox Series X platforms. In other news, Team Bloober is rumored to be merging its company with a buyer, although there has been no confirmation on the matter.

Source: Segment Next