Valorant Down For Emergency Maintenance 

While mainly being known just as the developers behind League of Legends, the immensely popular MOBA game, Riot Games have been working on other genre titles. One of those that was supposed to come out into the market today was Valorant, a fast-paced and high precision tactical shooter that mixes CSGO and Overwatch elements. While the game has been mainly enjoyed without any issues during its closed beta the title was supposed to be available for everyone starting today. That didn’t come to fruition.

After being released into different markets, there was clearly an issue as players were claiming game starting problems. This happened across several marketplaces and it was the result of taking the game down, just a few hours of being available for players to download. Now the official Twitter account for the Valorant game has made note that the title has been taken down for emergency maintenance. 

We’re uncertain just how long this game will be down across the various marketplaces. Perhaps we’ll get an alert soon on when the game will be available, but it’s certainly not the launch that Riot Games had hoped for. In the meantime, we’re simply forced to wait and see just what comes of the game later today.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, this is a tactical shooter much like CSGO where teams of players must work together and secure certain points of interest. However, rather than purely relying on various weapons, the roster is filled with different heroes that can use unique powers and attributes, somewhat similar to the Overwatch video gameplay. With that said, the hero abilities are not the main focus of the game as certain powers will take several rounds to charge up.

Source: Twitter