Valorant Hits Its Worldwide Release Tomorrow

Riot Games is known for its highly popular MOBA video game League of Legends. The studio has been working on and maintaining League of Legends since its release back in 2009. While the IP has a plethora of fans and the game continues to be a popular Esports title for massive tournaments featuring big cash prizes, the development studio had been itching to work on other projects. One of those projects is Valorant.

Valorant is a big leap from the MOBA setup as it’s a tactical FPS where two teams gather and battle on a variety of maps and game modes. If you haven’t seen this game yet, it’s often described as a mixture of CSGO and Overwatch. Essentially, you have the high-precision and tactical shooter of CSGO but with a roster featuring several different heroes, much like Overwatch. While the developers had been balancing the two attributes, it’s worth noting that there is a big focus on heroes not being able to freely use powers frequently. 

For a good little while now, fans have been able to enjoy this game through a closed beta. In fact, one of the ways to market this game is through closed beta as Riot Games offered users access to the closed beta randomly just as long as the player was actively watching a closed beta stream on Twitch. This not only gave fans a means to understand the gameplay and the characters featured but also gave a heads up on how to come up with strategies to use once in the game.

The closed beta has since come to an end, but those that didn’t gain access or those that enjoyed the beta will soon have the ability to jump into the full game starting tomorrow. Valorant will be available to enjoy on June 2, 2020, for the PC platform. It’s going to be interesting to see just how well the game continues to do after being available to enjoy without restricting the number of players being able to log in. Likewise, this will also test the anti-cheat measures placed to keep the game even for everyone that logs on to play.

Source: YouTube