Starfield Rating Leak Confirmed To Be Faulty Website Glitch

There are several video game titles that have been teased about in the past but have yet to receive a release date. For Bethesda, we know that the development studio is working on a few next-generation video game titles which is exciting news. In fact, with the consoles slated to come out this holiday season, there might have been some fans hoping that Bethesda would bring out their first next-generation video game title release alongside the console launch. However, that might not be the case despite some of the latest rumors that have hit the internet. 

If you’re familiar with Bethesda, then you might know that there are two projects that have been teased in the past but were confirmed to be a next-generation game. Those titles were a new IP known as Starfield and the next installment to The Elder Scrolls franchise. The latter of the two is said to come later on and that fans would receive Starfield first, a game that we don’t really have any information on.

The teases have been scarce for Starfield and it’s left fans wondering just what Bethesda has planned. While this game is coming out before The Elder Scrolls 6, we don’t know just when this game is actually slated to release. However, there was a leak recently that indicated that the game had received a rating in Germany. This would mean that the game was finished and we could have been slated to receive an announcement soon.

While it’s entirely possible that Bethesda could have gone this route and prepare for a game launch in the coming months, it was a bit odd not to see much in terms of marketing for Starfield. Besides a teaser that really just offered a logo, nothing has been showcased and with E3 cancelled this year, it was confirmed that Bethesda was not holding a streaming event which would mean that news for Starfield would likely not be happening anytime soon. Perhaps there was more work required from the developers and not having an E3 event allowed the studio more time to craft up the game properly before hyping its release date.

Even though the rating leak started to get spread around, Bethesda’s Pete Hines was asked about the news in which he replied that this was just a glitch on the website and the game had note been rated. It looks like we are still very much in the dark about Starfield and there’s no telling when we are going to see it showcased. With it being a next-generation game and the consoles slated to release this holiday season, Starfield may be slated for a release after 2020, though that’s purely speculative on our part.

Source: Twitter