Goichi Suda Would Like His Past Works Ported To Nintendo Switch

There are several iconic games in the past that have received remastered editions, remakes, and even reboots. Of course, some of these games don’t get the ability for a proper remake or remastered edition, let alone a port on a newer platform. Outside of the desire from fans, there are several legal routes the IP would have to go through before it’s available to be done. For some fans that could be a real letdown, especially for those that have asked famed designer, Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, about his past work.

We’re all dealing with the coronavirus right now and it’s caused several big events to get cancelled. Still, some of these events have pressed on through online streams which were the case for Momocon Festival. While the event in-person was closed, the festival was able to produce content online which certain individuals could hold panels or discussions. One of those was Suda51 who was answering some fan questions.

One fan posed the question about his past games such as Killer7 being brought over to the Nintendo Switch. It’s not much of a surprise as the game had a big following and some fans would be willing to pick the game up once again for a replacement. While Suda51 would be interested in bringing them out once again, there are several other companies that would need to agree in the port.

For instance, Killer7 was published by Capcom and they would need to approve it. That’s the same for several other games Suda51 worked on, but the Nintendo Switch has proven to be a hot ticket item. Perhaps getting these games out into the market once again would prove to be a popular decision for plenty of people. For now, Suda51 is busy working on his current video game project which is the third installment to No More Heroes.

Source: VG247