Expect A PlayStation 5 Video Game Lineup Announcement Soon

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When it comes this year we knew well before the health pandemic, that there would be the release of both the next-generation Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 video game consoles. Of course, things have been shifted around due to the coronavirus pandemic and it’s been a waiting game to hear more about each platform. While Microsoft has really showcased their upcoming console and even charted out the next few months with presentations all about Xbox, Sony has been silent. The company gave fans a deep dive into the hardware running the device and even unveiled the next-generation controller known as the DualSense

However, we’re still waiting on several other aspects regarding the PlayStation 5. For instance, we haven’t seen the design of the console, the features that will set it apart from the last-generation PlayStation 4 along with the Xbox Series X competition, a specific release date, a price point, nor have we seen a video game lineup from first-party studios. That may soon change at least in terms of the video games coming for the PS5.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has stated that the video game lineup for the PlayStation 5 will be announced soon. Of course, that doesn’t tell us too much on just when it will be unveiled, but seeing how both console platforms are aiming to release this holiday season, despite the health pandemic, there is not too much time left to really hype up the console release. We’re of course likely to see Sony upload a video or hold a live stream presentation when the time comes to announce these video games.

Perhaps, the announcement of the game lineup will come with the design of this next-generation Sony console along with some of the other details we made mention of earlier. For now, all we can do is wait and see.

Source: IGN