SanDisk Creates Official Nintendo Switch microSDXC Designs

We’re going through quite the health pandemic right now. Folks are staying indoors, we’re practicing our social distancing, and fighting boredom through all sorts of entertainment mediums. When it comes to video games, it’s clear that the Nintendo Switch is a very popular device right now. There have been some issues keeping units in stock as we’ve reported about a popular bot being used just to acquire units as they become available online. However, we’re slowly starting to see units make their way back in stores.

Still, with this pandemic, we’re going out far less, and picking up new video game releases may not be ideal at the moment. Outside of the possibility of low units arriving into the market, some locations are still very much in a lockdown status with travel being limited to gathering essentials. If you rather play it safe and avoid picking up those physical video game releases, there’s the digital download route.

By downloading the games you’re able to enjoy the latest releases right away. However, you will need to make use of a microSDXC card to ensure there is enough storage available to obtain the various video games. Recently, a press release came our way to remind us that there are Nintendo-Licensed memory cards for the Nintendo Switch that was designed by SanDisk.

There are three designs right now and they are Nintendo related. You have designs that are based on The Legend of Zelda along with Mario. With three total designs, the difference here is the capacity available. Currently, the three options are 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB, furthermore the price ranges from $18.99 to $54.99. Currently, these memory cards can be picked up from the official Western Digital store or through a series of retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.