WB Games Montreal Will Showcase Why They Love Making Games in the Coming Days

WB Games Montreal has took to Twitter to express their gratitude towards their fans and to note their upcoming plans.

The developers have been teasing for quite some time now that we would learn more about the upcoming Batman title, and ever since the teases starting to hit the internet, gamers were eager to learn more. However, it seems that WB Games Montreal will remain secretive, for a little while longer.

Today they tweeted out that al though they appreciate the enthusiasm from the fans on their upcoming project, they will be showcasing who they are and why they love to make games in the first place. No details on when they decided on showcasing this, but we should expect it to be relatively soon; after all it is still “E3 season”.

Check out the tweet from developer WB Games Montreal down below:

In related news, there was a rumor circulating from a reptuable gaming journalist that WB Games had planned for a big showing at this year’s E3 event.

The showing had leaked titles such as the Harry Potter RPG, Rocksteady’s secret project, and of course WB Games Montreal’s upcoming Batman title. However, due to E3 2020 being cancelled due to COVID-19, fans are wondering what will happen now.

I can see WB Games holding their own streaming event that will showcase the publisher’s upcoming titles, or that their games can get sprinkled in within Sony or Microsoft’s event. Either or, we here at gameranx will have you covered. Learn more about the supposed WB games E3 2020 showcase right here!

WB Games Montreal must have something planned for the next couple of days/ weeks so make sure to stay tuned to gameranx as we will be covering the news very closely. Are you excited for the upcoming Batman title? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Twitter