Maniac Mansion Gets Fan Made Reboot

maniac mansion

Maniac Mansion is a game that undoubtedly resonates with fans of the old LucasArts adventure games. Much like Inception, the game was even playable (in the form of a computer game) in Day of the Tentacle.

LucasArts has since abandoned the series, which only remains playable thanks to the ScummVM emulator that allows computers today to run old games in LucasArts' Scumm Engine.

A group of fans calling themselves "Edison Interactive" has announced their plans to reboot the series by creating their very own Maniac Mansion reboot called "Night of the Meteor."

Night of the Meteor will be based on the Maniac Mansion script, with the art direction of Day of the Tentacle. They have since released a trailer of the game, which can be seen below.