Days Gone PC Listing Surfaces On Amazon

[Update] A representative stated to Polygon that the listings popping up on Amazon are not accurate.

Original Story…

When it comes to the current-generation consoles, the Sony PlayStation 4 towers over the Microsoft Xbox One when it comes to console exclusives. However, Microsoft was quick to make their exclusives release on both their Xbox One console along with the PC platform. Now it looks like Sony is toying with the idea of also tapping into the PC market with their line of exclusives. The first title confirmed to release on PC after being a PlayStation 4 exclusive is Horizon Zero Dawn, but a new listing may have unveiled the next title to receive the same treatment is Days Gone.

There’s been plenty of back and forth online when it comes to the exclusives releasing on PC after being available on the PlayStation 4. For PC users, the ability to enjoy some of these iconic games outside of strictly being a console platform exclusive is more than welcome. While Horizon Zero Dawn is confirmed to release on PC later this year, we’ve been left in the dark as to what other, if any, exclusives will follow.

Now a new listing has come up online that suggests the next PS4 game to be just a console exclusive is Days Gone. The video game title was released back in April of 2019 where players received an open world action-adventure gameplay experience. Overall, the game follows a man who after losing track of his wife in the apocalypse, becomes a local mercenary, taking odd jobs to stay alive. However, the thought of finding his wife has kept him constantly seeking answers.

We’re sure there would be a ton of attention surrounding this game and it could give it a new lease of life. After all, the game only received an average reception from critics and fans alike, but a new coat of paint and some enhancements could change things around for a PC release. With that said, there is no official statement on if this game would actually receive a PC port as we have nothing more than a listing on Amazon.

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