Horizon Zero Dawn Officially Confirmed For PC

For months now we’ve been seeing rumors go up about Horizon Zero Dawn coming to the PC platform. After speculation pieces, rumors, and supposed leaks, we can now confirm that the game is heading to the PC platform later this year. A new report from the PlayStation Blog, the once Sony exclusive is coming to PC and now it has us wondering if any other titles will soon follow alongside the PlayStation 4 hit.

Horizon Zero Dawn first released back in 2017 from Guerrilla Games as a futuristic action RPG. Within the world, humanity has advanced so far before it came crumbling down to a more primitive state. Now only small bands of human tribes are scattered throughout the lands while large mechanical beasts roam freely.

This particular game was a hit with fans and critics alike so it makes a solid Sony exclusive release to reach the PC platform. Microsoft has already been providing Xbox exclusives to the PC platform for a few years now, but don’t get too excited about Sony doing the same.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Worldwide Studios head, Hermen Hulst, unveiled that while Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to the PC platform this summer, they are still fully committed to their hardware consoles.

That doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of other games also making their way to the PC platform from Sony. In fact, it seems that Sony has been toying with the idea of bringing over exclusives to the PC simply by the means of PlayStation Now.

At any rate, players can expect to hear more information about Horizon Zero Dawn on PC at a later date. If you have yet to try the game out on the PlayStation 4, then we suggest checking out our Before You Buy episode upload for the title above.

Source: PlayStation Blog