Xbox One’s Newest Sale Discounts up to 75% on Couch Co-Op Titles

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A new sale is now available on the Microsoft Store and offers up to 75% on couch co-op titles for Xbox One users including Rocket League and Borderlands Handsome Jack Collection.

A new sale has begun today and is allowing players to take advantage of being stuck in the house by discounting a handful of couch co-op titles. The new sale offers discounts on titles like Rocket League, Rayman Legends, and Borderlands 3. However, there are a ton of titles on sale, thanks to Gamespot for putting together a list of the best available deals.

Best Xbox One deals this week via Gamespot

Now is the perfect time for stocking up on games and companies are putting out sales left and right. Sony’s Spring sale offers up discounts on tons of different titles. Check out here to read more about what’s on sale for Sony’s annual Spring Sale.

There are a ton of titles to pick from when it comes to Microsoft’s latest sale. What will you pick up let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news releasing.

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