The Nintendo Switch Button Remapping Also Works For Lite Edition

If you own a Nintendo Switch then there could be a chance that you’ve never been quite happy with the control setup. Certain buttons may feel a bit better to you if they were remapped into a different position. However, that was never the case for the system until today when a new update has emerged allowing the ability to change the control system up.

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a few years now and with the hybrid console came a new controller setup known as the Joy-Cons. These detachable controllers are a great way to allow two-player games to easily become accessible right out of the box without the need for any other peripheral purchases.

However, if you want to change up how the controller map is setup then the latest update will give you the ability to remap. This will essentially allow players to switch around button inputs to be mapped in a way that is more desirable to them for certain games.

Likewise, it’s a system that will allow more than one controller change. Not only can this work for the Joy-Cons but the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller as well. We’re sure that this is also the case for third-party controllers too if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Furthermore, this is a feature that will also be supported on the Nintendo Switch Lite console. At any rate, this firmware update for the Nintendo Switch will bring it to 10.0.0 and we’re sure that other big changes are coming to the system in the future. 

Source: IGN