LEGO Unveils A Closer Look At LEGO Mario Set

LEGO is no stranger to offering crossover themed sets for players to enjoy. From massive creations to simplistic builds, the LEGO brand has something for everyone. We knew for a little while now that LEGO would be partnering up with Nintendo and offering a set that was themed all around Mario. Today, the company has decided to showcase a closer look at the sets coming out so far and just how interactive Mario will be on your course builds.

When it comes to LEGO, the fun is based on user creations. From building your own unique creations or following a guided set, when you bust open a LEGO set, the focus is turned towards building. Now that we know a Mario set is in the works, some of you may have been thinking up creative courses to build and share with others. Thankfully, it looks like the sets coming out will be quite modular and in the video released by LEGO, which you can view above, there are at least three sets coming out initially.

The first set is the basic starter kit, this will come with a Mario fig that will have LCD screens and a speaker which will interact with the course. Likewise, the course will feature a few iconic setups that users can tweak. However, we also have a large Bowser Castle Boss Battle kit to add to the fun. Lastly, we know that coming out alongside the two sets will be an expansion known as the Piranha Plant Power Slide. 

These sets will be available on August 1, 2020, with costs varying depending on the set and expansions. For now, we know that the starter kit will cost $59.99, the Piranha Plant Power Slide will come in at $29.99, and lastly the Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle will set you back $99.99. Again, with these sets not releasing until August, you do have some time to set some money back if you want to pick up the collection.

Source: YouTube