Deadpool Skin Now Available On Fornite

Fortnite is no stranger to crossover promotional events. We’ve seen big cinematic movie crossovers to television series characters making an appearance. However, the past few weeks, we’ve been witnessing Deadpool show up in Fortnite whether in trailers to items that are specific to the Marvel character.

After waiting several weeks, we finally have the Deadpool skin and you can get it free just as long as you own the Battle Pass and complete the series of challenges. There are actually quite a few challenges you’ll need to complete as well in order to acquire the Deadpool skin. All of the past seven weeks’ worth of challenges need to have been completed along with the two new challenges that are available to go through today.

These challenges are finding Deadpool’s pistols and finding the phone booth in order to change into the Deadpool skin. If you have already completed the past seven weeks of challenges then we can offer a quick guide on the latest two.

Deadpool’s Pistols Location

On the main menu screens, you can find the Deadpool pistols under the Challenge Table within the Battle Pass tab and the second Deadpool pistol is found in Meowscles’s Agent Vault next to the weights.

Change Into Deadpools Costume

The last challenge is easy to do. All players will have to do is go into any portapotty or phone booth. If you have completed all the previous challenges then your character will change into the costume.

Source: IGN