Mixer Helps Partner Streamers By Offering $100

It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about the streaming service battles. We were seeing big-name online streamers leave Twitch and sign up deals with a variety of other services much like Microsoft’s Mixer. However, now that the focus around the world is aimed at the pandemic, we’re seeing more companies offer funds to help aid those affected. Microsoft is doing something similar with partnered Mixer streamers.

While Microsoft has yet to make any statements on the matter, reports are coming out that partnered Mixer streamers are being given an extra $100. This is likely due to streamers putting in more work on their channels while being forced to stay home. Some are out with jobs while others are finding themselves in a pinch to keep up with the different bills. This could mean more of an incentive to stream a bit more often if possible, but while streamers can’t always rely on steady cash flow from their livestream content, Mixer is at least throwing in a bit of money to help out.

We’re not sure if this is all partnered streamers or just select few that meet their requirements. Likewise, we don’t know if other streaming services will follow suit by providing a bit of money towards their users that put in the work. Regardless, it’s clear that with so many people stuck at home, the internet has been a go-to source for entertainment.

You have likely seen some of your favorite streamers popping up a bit more often to help combatant the boredom of social isolation. This could also be a great opportunity for non-partnered streamers to get a bit more viewers, followers, and subscribers on their channels. 

Source: PC Gamer