Horizon Zero Dawn Storyline Continued In Upcoming Comic Book Series

Horizon Zero Dawn is a big hit as it follows a young woman with a backstory she has yet to figure out herself. An outcast from tribes that live in a world dominated by machines, Aloy is on a journey to figure out what caused so many to reject her from a baby. It’s a grand story that so many PlayStation 4 owners got to experience originally and soon PC players will be able to experience the narrative journey as well.

It wasn’t very long ago that we got the announcement of Horizon Zero Dawn receiving a PC port of the game. Despite the announcement of a once PlayStation exclusive coming to another platform, it’s uncertain if other video game titles that are exclusive to the PlayStation brand will follow after. Regardless, the game has been praised by critics and fans alike. Fortunately, it looks like if you were hoping to get a bit more storyline after the game ends then you’re in luck with Horizon Zero Dawn, the comic book series.

We don’t know too much about the comic book series and we’re not going to spoil anything here for the game narrative, especially with so many players are about to experience the game for the first time through PC. From what we know so far, this comic book series is coming from Titan Comics and is written by Anne Toole. We’ll see the first issue release into the markets on July 22, 2020, where it will follow Aloy and Talanah.

Source: Comixology