Riot Games Valorant Closed Beta Scheduled For Next Week

Riot Games may be best known for their MOBA hit, League of Legends, but recently they are making an effort to expand their game development projects. Starting things off will be the upcoming free-to-play FPS known as Valorant. It’s a game that has already gained quite a following with fans anticipating its release into the market, but we’re still waiting for a chance to enjoy the game. Soon, we’ll have a chance in trying the title out through a closed beta.

Valorant is a mix between Overwatch and Counter-Strike. On one hand, you have an assortment of hero characters with unique abilities, but the main focus is the precise aiming and shooting that you would typically find in Counter-Strike. As a result, this will be a highly competitive shooter for fans to go through, but it’s one that as mentioned, already has a big fan base. The problem is that we’re still uncertain just when this game will release. Outside of a summer launch window, Riot Games has yet to alert fans when they can try the title out.

That is until today where we are finding out that a closed beta is in the works. It looks like a closed beta will start on April 7, 2020, though there is no word on when the beta will end. Likewise, this beta is closed to markets for Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. Players will get to test the game out and provide some needed data when they finish the game for its proper release.

If you would like to gain access to the beta, then you need a Riot account, linked accounts between Riot and Twitch, and view the Valorant streams highlighted on Twitch. Again, this will be a chance to enjoy the game a bit before Riot Games launches the title into the market this summer.

Source: PC Gamer