ARMS Fighter Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


If you didn’t catch it, Nintendo had a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini uploaded today that unveiled some news that is focused around the Nintendo Switch. During that video upload, we got the news ARMS fighters that will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later this year. For those who may not remember, ARMS was one of the early Nintendo Switch exclusives that released with the console.

Now, unfortunately, we don’t know which character will be coming to the game or if it will be multiple characters from the IP. The Nintendo Direct simply showcased that the next fighter will be coming out in June and it will be from the ARMS IP rather than showcasing any individual character.

Additionally, because of the coronavirus which is hitting people worldwide and has become a health pandemic, the development time for this character will apparently be a bit extended than others. Even with the goal set for June this year, it’s uncertain if Nintendo can actually bring the character out in time. Really, it seems that the focus is centered around the current status of the coronavirus and if the virus will prevent developers from further working on the character.

In other news regarding the Nintendo Direct, it looks like Nintendo Switch will soon have some select 2K Games reaching the platform such as BioShock and Borderlands. However, the biggest issue that some gamers may have is actually finding a unit of the Nintendo Switch, especially if you don’t already own one. Retailers are running low on stock and its likely the coronavirus being the culprit to the low shipments being delivered.

Source: YouTube