Sony Releases 10 Features and Tips for Newly Released MLB The Show 20

MLB The Show 20 makes it anticipated debut today on PlayStation 4 consoles and Sony has released a handful of tips and features to get players started.

Check out 10 features and tips from Sony’s PlayStation Blog:

  1. Brand New Online Game Mode: Showdown
  2. Brand New Game Mode: Custom Online Leagues Allows You To Play Seasons With Friends*
  3. Relationships Matter More In Road To The Show Our Full Baseball RPG
  4. Minor League Rosters Make Road To The Show More Realistic
  5. Franchise Allows You To Relocate and Customize Your Team
  6. March To October Gives You More Of What You Want
  7.  David Ortiz, Mickey Mantle, Mariano Rivera, And Other Beloved Legends
  8.  Perfect-Perfect Hitting System Rewards Great At Bats
  9. Defense Is More Fun And Matters More Than Ever With Extreme Catch And Throw Home Indicators
  10.  Featured Programs and Bosses Return In Full Force To MLB The Show 20

As mentioned above, the tips and features come directly from Sony’s PlayStation Blog where players can get started with useful things to know before starting up their game. Players will find the set of tips useful, as it can be a bit confusing if this is the first year playing the Show series. You can read more about these tips and features at the PS Blog.

In related news, in time for the game’s release, San Diego Studio has released a brand new video that commemorates the past 15 years of baseball. The trailer shows off past years of gameplay and it shows just how far gaming has come over the years.

MLB The Show 20 is now available on PlayStation 4.

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Source: PlayStation Blog