An Enhanced Version Of Gears 5 Will Be Available For Xbox Series X

When it comes to the Xbox Series X, the new Microsoft console platform has been talked about quite heavily over the past couple of months. With E3 2020 cancelled, there are more details coming out that may have been aimed for a reveal at this year’s expo. For instance, the Xbox Series X will have an enhanced edition of Gears 5 that will be available at launch.

Earlier today Microsoft unveiled a demo showcasing footage of the loading times compared with the Xbox Series X and the current-generation, Xbox One X. It’s clear that the XSX has some advantage over load times thanks to the SSD, but now we’re finding out that at launch, Gears 5 will be available and it will look better than ever before. Gears 5 is one of the launch titles for the Xbox Series X and while it was available on the Xbox One, Microsoft previously stated that for the first two years, there would not be any first-party exclusives on the Xbox Series X. 

With that said, the Gears 5 enhanced edition of the game will come with upgraded visuals, 60fps cutscenes, and performance that would match the likes of an RTX 2080. This game will also feature Smart Delivery, which will grant gamers the ability to enjoy the game completely for free if they have already picked up a copy on the Xbox One. 

Currently, the Xbox Series X doesn’t have a release date as there is only a launch window for sometime this holiday season. Likewise, we’re uncertain just how much the new platform will set gamers back. More information should come out during a livestream event that will take place instead of the conference planned at E3 2020.

Source: Eurogamer