Bayonetta 3 Development Is Still Going Well

There is a lot of love towards the Bayonetta franchise and so far we only have two installments at our disposal. With that said, we know that a third game is in the works from PlatinumGames, but it’s certainly been a good while since we last heard of anything. In a tease during The Game Awards 2017, it was unveiled that PlatinumGames was bringing out Bayonetta 3 and since then we’ve been waiting to hear more.

Luckily, it looks like the gap of silence between the tease and now is nothing to worry about. Video Games Chronicle, or known as VGC, was able to get a comment from the PlatinumGames studio head, Atsushi Inaba. Apparently, the development is going very well and there is nothing to worry about. It seems that the silence is just to allow a build-up for the game when the studio is finally ready to unveil something new for the IP such as a release date or perhaps a new look at the narrative.

Regardless, it’s at least reassuring that the development studio is not hitting any issues that are preventing the studio from moving forward with the game. At this rate, we may see something regarding Bayonetta 3 during the E3 Nintendo Direct, though nothing has been confirmed. E3 in itself is something of a hot topic lately due to the coronavirus.

The virus that has been making its rounds around the world has already affected several events. For instance, the latest happened to be GDC 2020 which was postponed with goals of getting the event back up this summer. As for E3, the ESA still has plans to move forward with the game event, though unless the coronavirus is finally dealt with, we could still see the event get delayed or canceled altogether.

Source: VGC