Boston Mayor Requests Sony To Reconsider Attending PAX East

When it comes to the health scare as of late, it’s all about one virus. The coronavirus is something that doctors have been battling with for a little while now and it’s caused several markets to be on alert. While the troubled areas are mainly eastern bound, the threat of catching the virus and ending up in quarantine has caused several companies to go on high alert. As a result, certain events are being a bit thinned out than what was originally planned for.

PAX events are always a popular contention to attend as several developers, publishers and companies attend to showcase new hardware or software that will be coming out into the marketplace shortly. With PAX East coming up shortly, there is one major company that was quick to pull out after the coronavirus became a widespread problem. Sony alerted fans and those that are attending that they are reluctantly pulling away from attending the event. This was all due to the scare of catching or further spreading the coronavirus and while the United States has been scarce from the virus, the impending threat of potentially catching the sickness is keeping Sony away from big public events.

For Sony, it’s all about making sure the workforce and those that attend are safe and avoiding the potential threat of this new disease. With that said, the Mayor of Boston, MA and the home of PAX East has reached out to Sony. In an open statement, the Mayor of Boston reached out publicly to Sony and requested that they reconsider attending and that the fears of spreading the virus have been misguided and being such a large international company, Sony would have an opportunity to set a good example. 

As of right now, it doesn’t look like Sony has changed its plans to once again attend the event. Furthermore, this is not the only company dropping out of PAX East. It wasn’t long ago Square Enix staff in Japan would also not attend the event which would cancel certain events that were planned ahead of the coronavirus outbreak.