Embracer Group Acquires Saber Interactive For Over $500 Million

Known originally as THQ Nordic AB, Embracer Group has now acquired another development studio which further adds to the IPs and development power going forward. There has been a big move over the company as it reached out and acquired several studios. They have five major subsidiaries and most have an assortment of development studios working on various projects to release into the market. Under their control is not only THQ Nordic, but Koch Media, Coffee Stain Holding, Amplifier Game Invest, and now the latest being Saber Interactive. 

Saber Interactive is based out of Maplewood, New Jersey and it’s been around since 2001. Over the years, the studio has mainly helped in porting video game projects to other consoles. However, they did release World War Z last year and the studio is working on bringing out both Snowrunner and Killing Floor 2 sometime this year. These projects were already in the works before being acquired, but, with the deal reached, Embracer Group is allowing Saber Interactive to keep autonomy so there shouldn’t be anything preventing the studio from progressing on with their work.

Of course, with that said we do wonder if there are any new IPs that the studio is itching to work on with the studio being backed. Already the deal from Embracer Studio has paid $150 million with nearly $400 million being paid over three years. The amount of money will mainly be dependent on the studio’s performance. 

At any rate, with the studio mainly being known for porting games to other consoles, we’re wondering if the studio was purchased with Embracer Group hoping that trend will continue on with the studio. After all, World War Z was only a moderate successful title with reviews being rather mixed. For now, all we can do is wait and see just what comes out of Saber Interactive after the work is completed on both Snowrunner and Killing Floor 2.

Source: Gamesindustry.biz