Fallout 4 Dreams Creation Looks Identical to the Real Game That Bethesda Developed

Dreams is the latest title to release from developer Media Molecule and with the game officially available for everyone, some of the craziest creations have been releasing!

There are a ton of great creations coming out from the critically acclaimed title, however, there is one in particular that stuck out to me. It comes from user Robo_Killer_V2 and it is centered around Bethesda’s open world title — Fallout 4!

From the video down below, the user showcases his creation in action and to be frank it looks identical to the real deal. The fact that someone can create such a good replica of the real deal from actual developers from Bethesda, is just mind blowing to me. The graphics, the pip boy interface, the gun design, Cogsworth, the creation is just absolutely crazy; if you don’t believe me, check it out yourself!

Check out the Dreams creation that is so similar to Fallout 4 that its freaky down below:

You can make anything in Dreams, but everyone has to start somewhere. One of the best ways to shake out those creation-cobwebs is to recreate the things you love, and there are tons of recreations built by the passionate Dreams community.

Whether it’s a rebuilt dock from Metal Gear Solid, levels inspired by Halo, or an incredible Fallout 4 experience, Dreams is full of tributes to the greatest games of yesteryear. Make sure to check out just a handful of the most mind-boggling recreations released so far, click here!

If you’re still on the fence about picking up Media Molecule’s latest title, may I suggest checking out our review roundup for the game? It gives you a good breakdown on what critics are saying about the game; click here for the Dreams review roundup!

Dreams is now available for the PS4. Did you pick it up yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter