Dragon Quest: Your Story Now Available Through Netflix


There are several big-name RPG titles that have been around for decades now. One of the bigger series that you are likely aware of is Dragon Quest, a game that has grown a following around the world. With several installments available in its catalog, there is plenty of storylines for film productions to adapt and while there are several fans who swear off movies that were adapted to video games, you may want to give Dragon Quest: Your Story a chance.

While there are plenty of poorly made movies made from video game titles, but Netflix has an animated adaption from an old school RPG in the Dragon Quest series. Back in 1992, Dragon Quest 5 released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and now you can experience the storyline adapted into an animated film. Released back in 2019 in Japan, the film has now made its way on Netflix where it is available for both those that want a dubbed version of the film or a subtitle-focused experience.

If you didn’t experience the initial RPG release on the SNES, the video game follows a young boy who is on a grand quest to learn about his father’s past along with saving his mother from a wizard. While you may not have experienced the video game, there is already reports that the film does make a few changes, some of which are not all that welcoming to the fans that have played the game. Specifically, the ending has been changed but we won’t spoil anything.

As mentioned, the film can be enjoyed right now on the Netflix subscription service. If you want to take a look at the trailer for Dragon Quest: Your Story, we have a video embedded above in this post. 

Source: YouTube