Steam Labs Now Will Help Players Decide On What To Play

Valve is constantly tweaking the Steam platform in order to bring users a sound and featured filled service. Not only is Steam a go-to place in order to pick up several PC games, but it’s one that you’ll find achievements and a means to connect with friends easily. While the platform has had significant changes over the years, it’s not surprising to see Valve bring out new features to help bring out a better and competitive product. One of the latest features that were announced is a means to get recommended games from your library. 

Let’s face it, we all likely have a rather big library of PC games on Steam, especially if you have been a PC gamer for several years. It’s easy to build up a library and never get around to playing them. That’s something that may finally change here soon thanks to a new feature being tested by Valve’s Steam Labs. In this latest experiment, users will find that an AI will be able to swift through your library and pair up video game titles that are similar to each other.

For instance, players who enjoy a certain video game may find that Steam will showcase a Play Next tab where you’ll have a few video game recommendations that you already own. It can from there showcase a trailer and some tags to further gauge a player’s interest in installing the game. Of course, with that said, it’s a new feature being tested out right now. This means that you may find some recommended titles to be completely wrong, but over the course of testing, the AI will continue to get tweaked and adapt to better suit players with a list of games worth checking out. 

This could become very helpful to those that have a rather large library of video games already on Steam. With those that are just starting out on Steam, then chances are you may not get too much use out of the Play Next tab. Just wait until some new sales come out where it’s hard to pass on some great video game titles at discount, you’ll find your library filling up quickly.

Source: Steam Labs