Ubisoft CEO Reveals Backwards Compatibility Feature For Next-Generation Consoles 

When it comes to video game consoles, there has been some work put into the ability to play previous generation video games. However, that trend can be difficult to pull off. However, going into this next-generation platform from both Microsoft and Sony could mean that there is hope that some of the past video game console titles will be available to enjoy. Well, it looks like we may finally get some big backward compatibility consoles soon after Ubisoft’s CEO announced a feature during a financial call. 

While we know that Microsoft was working on backward compatibility, Sony has been keeping things tightlipped on their end. We don’t know a whole lot about either console, but for Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot, you can expect to play all back catalog of previous consoles. This was stated during a financial call where the full statement can be read down below.

“Those consoles will be running almost all the back catalog of the previous consoles. It will be something new in the industry. It will help the old generations to continue to be big consoles on the market for years to come.”

If this proves to be true then that could mean we may see console titles being available to play from the original Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Of course, that is just a statement from the Ubisoft CEO. As of right now, we’re still waiting for the big reveal on the Xbox Series X along with the PlayStation 5. After all, in the past, it was unveiled that there were plenty of big features being kept secret for the PS5 which certainly has our interest in just what Sony plans on unveiling when the console does get its big debut. 

Source: AB-Gaming