Nintendo Doesn’t Feel Threatened By Next-Generation Console Releases

There is always a ton of hype and anticipation when a new console is getting ready to launch into the market. We’re moving away from the current-generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both Sony and Microsoft have plans to release their next-generation consoles this holiday season and we’re still left wondering just what each console platform will bring to the table. With that said, Nintendo is confident in their current-generation platform and doesn’t feel like it will be hurting when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases.

Nintendo recently had an investors call where the company president Shuntaro Furukawa, was able to spend some time talking about the outlook of the platform with the upcoming competition. According to Furukawa, he doesn’t see the business trends actually making much of an impact on their current console. The Nintendo Switch still has several years to go before we will likely see a new console platform launch from Nintendo and with the sales, Nintendo has been receiving with the Switch, we can’t imagine there is much of a push to start working on their next console release anytime soon.

Right now, Nintendo is focusing on the future of their platform. We’re seeing Nintendo work on keeping the momentum going for the coming years and its been stated before that Nintendo would be focusing on pushing their Switch Lite model. Another means of keeping the Nintendo Switch moving is by not only supporting the platform with new software releases but continuing to support software that has already released for the console.

This, of course, speculative on Nintendo’s part. We’re still waiting to see what both Sony and Microsoft bring out with the next-generation consoles. We’ve only seen a few teases or statements so until both consoles are finally unveiled to the masses, it may be tough to really see how the Nintendo Switch will handle against the newcomers.

Source: VGC