Nintendo Will Not Be Focusing On New Switch Model This Year

When the Nintendo Switch came out into the market, there were quite a few adopters on the console hybrid. It was a unique console announcement as fans learned that not only can you enjoy this system as a traditional video game console that hooks to your television displays, but it can also be taken on-the-go. While fans have taken up with the Nintendo Switch, it wasn’t long after its release that Nintendo brought out a revision.

Known as the Nintendo Switch Lite, this is a new version of the switch that is meant to be enjoyed completely as a portable device. Without the ability of a dock that can connect to your television display or detachable joy-cons, the system is essentially the 3DS replacement. However, with this revision, there were plenty of rumors and reports that this wouldn’t be the only revision. 

Instead, it seemed as if Nintendo would be going back to the drawing board and crafting up a superior Nintendo Switch model. Over the past year, we heard reports of the device having a larger battery, 4K support and beefier components that would really put this model ahead of the current models. It was also said that this model revision was aimed to compete with the upcoming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. For those of you who were hoping to get their hands on a better model edition in 2020, you’ll be disappointed to hear that Nintendo has no plans on a new model.

During a recent earnings presentation, Nintendo confirmed that they would be working on promoting the Nintendo Switch Lite throughout 2020. We could see more variants released to sway newcomers to the Nintendo Switch Lite with a special design based around a video game launch, or potentially new games that could really support both the Lite and standard edition of the Nintendo Switch.

Source: VGC