Fan-Made Cuphead Stop Motion Animation is Absolutely Stunning, Took Four Long Months to Animate

Cuphead is known for its unique 50s hand drawn art style, that’s really the first reason the game gained so much interest from gamers. But as time went, the game lived up to the hype with an awesome score and amazingly crafted boss battles.

There’s no surprise there are a ton of Cuphead fans out there, but YouTube user Davy Productions is on another level! Recently uploaded to YouTube, Davy has created an epic stop motion prodcution of Cuphead by using Mcfarlane licensed toys and set pieces. The video showcases the overall story of Cuphead from him and his brother making a deal with the devil, taking out some iconic bosses, as well as taking down the Devil at the end.

The stop motion production took Davy about four months and if you know anything about stop motion, you would know it is very hard to do correctly. However, Davy does an amazing job, almost looks like he had a professional crew assisting him. If you have time, I’d say make sure you get around to watching the epic stop motion animation!

Check out the epic stop motion video from @Davy Productions down below:

In related news, Cuphead has recently made his debut in Nintendo’s epic fighting title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! To be clear there are a total of 5 new Mii fighter costumes and they range from plenty of iconic video game series.

Starting off the list is Microsoft’s epic boss battling title, Cuphead! Cuphead will come with a music track and if you’ve played Cuphead, you’ll know the music is lit. Check out the full post right here and check out the slepndid character in action!

Cuphead is now available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC Platform. Lastly, if you’re looking to pick up Cuphead, the Nintendo eShop is currently holding a sale for the game as a celebration for the characters debut in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Do you plan on picking up Cuphead on the Switch this week? Already a fan of the game? What did you think of the epic stop motion animation? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter