Dev Team Was Shocked By Fan Reception Over Resident Evil 2 Remake Reveal

When it comes to Capcom, they have a beloved and cherished survival horror video game franchise with Resident Evil. The series has been around for years and it certainly evolved from its origins as a survival horror title. From the series of mainline installments and spin-off titles, there was never any slowing down the IP. However, the development team behind the Resident Evil 2 Remake was certainly blown away by the fan reception once the game was unveiled officially.

It’s been a year since the game launched and the team behind the project recently took to the official PlayStation Blog in order to reflect on the process of developing the game. Everything from getting the green light to start the project up and its launch were touched on, however, it was clear that the studio wasn’t sure just how much positive reception would come from its official unveiling at E3 2018. 

It was the game director, Kazunori Kadoi who commented on the fan reaction during the E3 announcement. This was a surprise reveal and knowing it was a remake, there was plenty of speculation that the reaction wouldn’t be too over-the-top. After all, it was just a remake and not a new installment, but the team was completely wrong. According to Kazunori Kadoi, the team was at the office watching E3 when the game was revealed and with it came overwhelming applause by the audience. 

“The whole development team got together in our office to watch the E3 announcement in real-time. We didn’t think that a game which is “just” a remake would garner such a massive reaction, so we were surprised and delighted to see the response. Not only that but once reactions to the gameplay on the E3 booth started to hit, we saw that people loved it, and we even got some show awards! This was both the highest praise for me as a director, and also somehow a kind of additional pressure for the remaining months of the project.”

Fan reception was incredibly positive and then came great feedback when those attending E3 got a chance to play a demo of the game. With that said, the incredible feedback and reception did leave some team members a bit stressed as there plenty of pressure to meet the expectations fans had put on the game.

Needless to say, the game was a massive hit after it released into the market. Now Capcom is busy working on the Resident Evil 3 Remake with rumors circulating online that a Resident Evil 8 video game installment was scrapped not too long ago with the team restarting.

Source: PlayStation Blog