Telltale Games Will Be Bringing Back The Walking Dead Franchise On Steam

walking dead

Telltale Games was a well-known video game development studio that brought out classic adventure-style video game titles. Players would go through a narrative with gameplay focusing on puzzles and player choice situations. As a result, the narrative would adapt to the choices you made making most games worthy of being replayed to see how the outcome changes at the end. Unfortunately, the studio closed its doors and with it came the cancellation of several video game titles.

Likewise, due to the studio closure, the games was dropped from several marketplaces online. That was the case for The Walking Dead video game titles on Steam. Now Skybound has reported that the games would soon find their way back on the digital storefronts. This means if you want any of the seasons or spin-off titles on Steam then you’ll soon have them for just $15 each. 

Fortunately, Skybound Games picked up the middle of development sessions for The Walking Dead: The Final Season which wraps up the narrative fully. Now for those of you who may have never experienced Clementine’s storyline you’ll soon get a chance to play each season through the Steam marketplace.

While Telltale Games has made a resurgence lately with the announcement of The Wolf Among of Us Season 2, we don’t know if we’ll see another installment attached to The Walking Dead IP or not. At any rate, fans will likely not see The Walking Dead IP dry up from any video games anytime soon as Skybound Games, which is owned by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, will likely continue to see the franchise release video game titles somewhat regularly such as the release of Saints and Sinners, a VR title based in The Walking Dead universe. 

Source: PC Gamer