Sony Rumored To Not Attend E3 2020 [Updated]

[Update] Sony has confirmed to not attend E3 2020.

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It’s safe to say that E3 has certainly made some changes over the years. Originally, the expo was made for the press as a means to deliver the news and content coming out for the video game industry for the masses around the world. However, with the public gaining access and now thanks to the internet, news can travel instantly without a press focused expo. As a result, E3 may no longer have the real need for all the various press conferences.

In fact, there was previous rumors and speculation that E3 would soon change from a press conference focused event to a more entertainment experience. This past E3 in 2019 was also a significant change as there were a few big names that opted to not hold a press conference. For instance, Sony was one of the companies to follow the same pathway that Nintendo paved for a few years now. Instead of working with an E3 stage ceremony, Sony was delivering small scale announcements randomly online much like a Nintendo Direct.

This may have proved to be worthwhile for Sony rather than spending funds to hold an E3 stage conference and event. Industry insider, Jason Schreier took to Twitter and offered his thoughts on E3 where he believes that the whole event is in its worst shape to date. As a result, he could see Sony also pulling off another no show for the expo in 2020.

With both the XSX and PS5 making their way into the markets this holiday season, we imagine that there is some type of event planned for Sony if it’s not directly attached to E3. There is about a year left to really hype up the console and if Sony does opt to skip E3 we expect there will be some other event planned for viewers to enjoy online as they unveil the PlayStation 5 fully. Of course, as of right now, this is all speculative as Sony has yet to make any official statements on the matter.

Source: Twitter