Modding Community Restores Cut Boss Fight From Bloodborne

Just like with any media medium, certain aspects of the product are cut. For whatever reason, there have been a few elements discovered cut in Bloodborne. Much like any other game, the development studio has left some of the cut content hidden away in files that the modding community eventually uncovers later on. Still, even a few years after the launch of the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne, modders are finding hidden files that the development studio FromSoftware decided not to implement in the full game.

One of the latest discoveries was the Loran Cleric. While the character is featured in the game, it seems that the development studio had some broader plans for the boss. If the files are correct then the Loran Cleric would have shown up in a few other places around the game such as the Forbidden Woods and the Upper Cathedral Ward. There were even plans to include a boss fight version of the character known as Fort.

With a little bit of work, the modding community was able to restore this boss fight in the game. Unfortunately, it’s not the most polished boss fight piece obviously, but it does give players a bit more content to enjoy in Bloodborne while we wait for a sequel. This also has others diving a bit deeper into the game files in hopes of uncovering something else that the development studio may have cut.

If you’re wanting to see the cut boss fight, a modder recorded the gameplay for viewers to enjoy online which you can do in the video embedded below. What do you think of the fight and are you hoping to see a Bloodborne sequel come out for the next-generation PlayStation console?

Source: YouTube